Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Look up

Ever notice how looking down tends to dampen your spirits? Unless, of course, you’re looking at a head of hair between your legs. Otherwise, studies have shown that a hanging head is a harbinger for depression. ;-)

Look up and laugh and live.

I put this wisdom into practice last winter, determined to hold my head high during those dark months preceding the spring. As the days waned, my head hung lower. Every attempt to raise it lasted 30 seconds, after which my eyes fell again to the tip of my shoes, to the Icey gray pavement in front of me.

Et, Voilà. The proof of the theory. A hanging head deepens depression. But questions remained. Were my eyes on the ground because depression was lurking in the shadows of my mind, or was I looking down because I’d already glimpsed the shadows?

The chicken and the egg dilemma.

Whatever. It proved my point. I made a note to start training my neck muscles at the gym in hopes of getting my gaze back up onto the horizon again. Either that or buy one of those plastic e-collars dogs wear to keep them from licking their balls. A definite help, but would probably make me even bluer because of the looks I would get while walking the streets. ;-)

The Bible says: I lift my eyes to the hills, from whence comes my help. Obviously, the Bible was onto this bit of news too.
Look up and laugh and live.

When you ‘look down’ on someone, you’re judging them, which is certainly not the proper practice if you want to remain in good spirits. Judgment taints the hem of even the purest garment

On the other hand, when you ‘look up’ to someone, you’re in awe of that person. And that feels a lot better. Unless that person is 20 years younger than you and looking very sexy. The sweetest fruit is so often forbidden.

It’s absolutely essential that, as we move into the winter of our lives, where there is less light, that we keep our gaze heaven-bound, metaphorically speaking. there are those determined to shiver when the sun is far beyond the solstice, others dwell in darkness in a room filled with light.

Look up and laugh and live, or look down long enough to find the Prozac lying on the table by your morning cup of coffee, and then laugh! ;-)

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