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My True Self

In the silence of meditation, I have found a place within of perfect peace. One far removed from the past of my life experiences. In that space, I am free from the pressure of an uncertain future; of all expectations and imagined goals not worth achieving. I drop each piece of unnecessary baggage until I experience myself drifting on the fine edge of the perfect, now moment; a place untainted by images, words or thoughts. Within that silence, I sense a presence, a feeling of “I am,” a state of awareness, separate from roles, characters or appearances, a sense of “I am” that isgreater than the sum total of everything. The feeling in me is ever-present, has no beginning and no end, and yet is me; a “me” without frills or decorations; a “me” who is ageless and eternal; a “me” who has been with me since...time began.
It is a presence I am well acquainted with, not some mystical vision from another dimension or a holy specter draped in white light smelling of roses. It is the truest aspe…

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