Friday, January 8, 2021

Daddy, what happens when we die?


One of the most comforting things I’ve read about death came from a Seth book I read back in the 1980s. (Seth is a discarnate being who dictated to Jane Roberts back in the 60s.) Someone asked him what happened after we die. His reply went something like this: “Why should the other side of death be any different from this side? You have created your reality as it appears to you while in the body, and so shall it be when you pretend to die.”

As I understand it: If I believe in Heaven with gold paved streets, white harps, and eternal summer, I will find myself in Heaven when I think I am dead. On the other side of the world: If I believe 87 odd virgins will be there to greet me in the Paradisial (is that a word??) Gardens, that too shall come to pass. If I believe everything ends when I kick the bucket, that is the reality I will wake up to when my time comes.

I just finished reading a book by a Neurosurgeon called, Proof of Heaven. The author comes from a long line of scientists who adhere to the maxim: seeing is believing. His explanation of near-death / seeing the Light at the end of the tunnel experiences was explained by the chemicals the brain shoots out at our time of passing. (Wasn’t that the longest sentence you ever read?) Then the neurosurgeon had an NDE. Clinically dead for seven days! After he regained consciousness, he told his story. You do not want to know what greeted him when his brain and body stopped functioning. 😉

But his story gives hope on another level. No matter where you end up when you die, the scenario soon gets boring enough (8,000 years of white robes and spherical music) to get you wondering: is this all there is? With that question, the reality of Heaven, Paradise, or worms begins to change, expand… just like the Universe does, just as Supreme consciousness (no matter what you call Her), just as it does when you are in the body.

(Thank God. Can you imagine what a gay person might have to put up with if he died a Muslim?) 😊

Life is change, and so is its brother death.

Or, so it seems to me, this humble servant who always thought Disneyland was where he was going when push came to shove. 😉

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